“I feel she was my guardian angel…”

“I first met Starry Summers during a time of intense suffering for me. I had read about Somatic Experiencing but had never gone to see a practitioner. I shared my frightening struggles with suicidal longings. I witnessed in Starry a dedication to understanding and embodying unconditional love.  A being who took great care…

We did a session, during which I experienced some shift in my nervous system towards relaxation in a way I had not experienced before. Tears come to my eyes now as I write this because it was so huge for me the way the Starry listened so openly and without judgment.  All I felt was compassion. Her attention was so open, clear and anchored.  I continued to do sessions with Starry for a couple months. I had significant relief within Starry’s presence and guidance in our sessions.  SE continued to be the most helpful therapy I had come across.  I feel she was my guardian angel and all of the great change in my life would not have happened had it not been for her coming into my life.”

~ AC

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