“life is richer and more enjoyable…”

“Thank you, Starry, for being an amazing guide and spiritual leader. I am following the path you helped reveal to me, and my life is like a lotus blossom, rising from the swamp.  I spent several life-changing days in beautiful Crestone, Colorado. I strongly urge everyone to give themselves this amazing gift… dropping your chains and experiencing you, being yourself. ‘The dance’ does not change me as much as it gives me the freedom to return to who I am.

At one point, Starry suggested that I dance. I remember sitting for a while, watching the other dancers experience their freedom of movement. Hesitantly, I let the music enter and have its way with my body. When it was over, I was no longer the same. Chains had been removed and now, life is richer and more enjoyable. And that is a joy!”

~ JC

“Thank you so much for the fantastic session today, Starry. You created a wonderful safe and nurturing container for me, from which a major healing piece could emerge. I would love to get another session with you!”

~ JA

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