Meet Starry

Hi, I am Starry… I am a long-time professional Yoga Instructor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and workshop/retreat facilitator. My calling in life is to help people savor the experience of being in their bodies; to be able to use these magnificent vessels to channel feelings of goodness, pleasure, stability, abundance and the states of flow that support one’s fullest unfolding.

By doing so, we become the receiver of our energy even as we are the generator of our energy. It is the elixir.

Most people move around with little awareness or connection with their bodies. Even when we are trying to stay connected, trauma has often sabotaged our nervous system and despite our best efforts through Yoga, mindfulness, meditation and more, we suffer. This was my personal story. It took me many years to recognize my own symptoms of trauma stemming from early childhood experiences.

It can be a bit like sitting by a gorgeous mountain stream while going thirsty. Our bodies provide the inner landscape for awareness to reside. Through it, our thoughts, memories, emotions like fear, awe, curiosity, compassion and love rise to the surface of our experience.

Through an exquisite blend of Yoga energetics and Somatic Experiencing, we learn to explore, linger in and trust our feelings and sensations again.

It’s my deep pleasure to have helped hundreds of lovely people regain their connection to their natural life-force, vitality and joy.

If we are in more regular awareness of how it feels to really be in our bodies, sourcing and noticing energy moving through us, then we are better able to access health and resiliency. We are better able to hold the charge of all the trauma or patterns of negative emotions that feel so uncomfortable. The more pleasure and joy you access through your body, the more it becomes your ally; the more easily you can accept and love the parts of you that still feel challenged by old events and old beliefs systems. Using SE (Somatic Experiencing) you gradually increase the capacity of your nervous system to handle the charge. And to release pent up energy.

Your body is your portal, your access, your entryway to the present now moment. All spiritual traditions teach that this present moment is the only way to reality, truth and existence. To ignore the body, to “transcend” it is to disassociate and lose touch with what was given to us, our finest ally in our quest to becoming integrated and whole. To ignore embodiment is to ignore the goddess, to ignore the mountains and air and streams and life force from which everything arises. And deeper beneath that is stillness and silence accessible through meditation.