More About Starry Summers

Through an exquisite blending of Somatic Experiencing, specific Yoga practices and coaching, Starry Summers can help you accelerate your healing and evolution into becoming a more loving, embodied, awake and inspired human being.

Starting as a student of shamanic practices in the late 1980’s, Starry was invited to take intensive training in Hatha Yoga and began teaching in 1995. As her path unfolded, she trained extensively in Iyengar Yoga and in the Tantra-Hatha Yoga tradition as taught by Rod Stryker’s ParaYoga and the Himalayan Institute. She has traveled to India, Bali, Malaysia, Mexico and throughout the US and Canada to train in different modalities and experience other cultures. After years of owning her own studio in St. Louis and teaching many workshops, group classes and one-on-one lessons, Starry now specializes solely in private coaching and in retreat environments. She finds meditation, restorative yoga and advanced yogic energetic practices most supportive in the release of trauma and restoration of true well-being.

Throughout her life, Starry has celebrated and practiced many forms of expressive movement including seven years of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts/dance form, performing with groups in Spain, France and Mexico. She has led Thai Yoga Massage workshops, Breathwork, Women’s Circles, kirtan and dance. She specializes in coaxing the body into playfulness, relaxation and ease. A writer of poetic-prose and memoir, and creator of video art, Starry loves opportunities to express in all forms.

A commitment to helping people explore and nurture awareness of one’s true self guides Starry to integrate her experience and teachings from many other realms beyond Somatic Experiencing and Yoga; including, “Real Love,” dream and myth exploration, Divine Feminine rituals, Breathwork and the teachings of Advaita.  She is an active member of the Haidakhandi Ashram and Sharon Landrith’s Clear Light Sangha in Crestone, CO.

Contact Starry about how she may support you, in-person or at-distance.

Starry also invites individuals and small groups to personally-designed retreats in Crestone, Colorado, her home base in the gorgeous San Luis Valley. Dancing and free movement, ritual, creative expression and wilderness adventures provide a rich, unique experience for every participant.

If you are a retreat facilitator, consider adding Starry to support your experience any place in the world. She can help organize your retreat in Bali, Cambodia and Brazil amongst other destinations.