Personal Guided Retreat

Starry invites individuals and small groups to personally-designed retreats in many possible places but most often in Crestone, Colorado, her home base in the gorgeous and sacred San Luis Valley. Dancing and free movement, ritual, creative expression and wilderness adventures provide a rich, unique experience for every participant. Deep relaxation and spaciousness supported by the clearest air and cleanest waters are waiting for you.

Here in one of the highest vibrational places in the country one cannot help but feel the transformational and healing power of these mountains and high alpine valley.
Starry had been coming to Crestone every summer for 12 years prior to moving and continues to experience it as a most beautiful, holy place that frees the spirit.

SESSIONS WITH STARRY: daily guidance and practice sessions form the container for your retreat, as many or few as you want, in between your times of exploration and deep rest. Together, you and I program your visit in advance to optimize your desires for transformation and healing so accelerated by being in this amazing place.


Time in Nature: In your free time while you are here, you may choose to hike or walk the mountain paths, sit and absorb the spacious valley views and pure air, watch deer, elk, and hummingbirds, perhaps camp, ride horses or white-water raft.

SPIRITUAL CEREMONIES AND PRACTICES: You may choose to plan your retreat around any number of events or ceremonies that happen at the 25+ spiritual centers located in Crestone:

CONTACT STARRY and schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation to see how a Personal Retreat works for you.