“so tenderly human…”

“I was in desperate need of help when Starry Summers came into my life,  but felt unable or didn’t know how to ask for it.  A great deal of deeply painful emotion was coming to the surface.  Starry approached me and said that she saw my pain and felt an impulse to help ease my suffering. As she talked to me, I felt a lightness in her and a trust in life that I knew I did not have myself. Starry explained Somatic Experiencing and offered me a complimentary session and I gratefully accepted her offer. I felt so comfortable with Starry during the sessions that I was able to share details about some of my deepest pains; things I had great difficulty and shame over.

Our therapy sessions did not have the cold, clinical feel I was used to.  With Starry it was so tenderly human. I felt something much deeper in her during our sessions. I felt she was totally there for me, so tuned in to my responses and recognizing what my system needed. I felt experiences of peace, calming in my body, and connection with my surroundings that I had not felt before despite having a meditation practice for several years. Nearly a year later my life has transformed greatly and Starry is one of the dearest friends I’ve ever had.”

~ GG

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