“profound, authentic and powerful…”

 “Thanks, Starry, for the opportunity and dynamic container, the time and space to sink in deep with myself, beautifully cultivated and lovingly held. Thanks for the of allowing being exactly where you are and of such vulnerability. Thanks for leading in this way. Just feeling lots of gratitude and resilience for what is here, there, and yet to come. The transformation is a marvelous thing! You are doing such amazing work in the world. And the 54 points meditation? It is deeply relaxing!”

~ CC


“Thank you, Starry, for such profound, authentic and powerful work! I am so happy to receive its fruits and such profound support.”

~ TS

“We shared some really significant time together in your sessions, Starry, and doing kirtan and so much more. You helped me open up my heart and became a spiritual mentor to me. it has had a profound effect on me – for the better. Your energy fills the space with such connection and authenticity. You’ve touched so many lives, just like you did mine. Thank you!”

~ BG

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